• Dining and Souvenirs

Dining and Souvenirs

List of Restaurants

ANikko Yuba Place Heian
Enjoy the restaurant's original yuba (bean curd skin) dishes featuring locally made Nikko yuba.
BCafeteria World
A restaurant, the right place for your family, where your family members can enjoy Western-style dishes in a spacious setting.
DRamen Restaurant Carnival
If you like to eat ramen (Chinese noodles) and have a cup of coffee or tea, this is the right place.
Why don't you rest for a moment here at Sphinx, which is almost centrally located in the Park? Here you can have a snack or a sweet dessert.
EConvention House
A restaurant for groups. Reservations are required for groups of 15 or more.


AWorld Shoppers Mercado Ⅰ
Sells various types of souvenirs including folk crafts, original confections, Park DVDs, and more.
BWorld Shoppers Mercado Ⅱ
A lineup of souvenirs including yuba (bean curd skin), a famous product from Nikko; Utsunomiya Gyoza (dumplings); tamarizuke (Japanese pickles); local sake; etc.

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Inquiries and Reservations

General Reservation Center TEL:0288-77-1055(direct) Email:info@tobuws.co.jp

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