List of Facilities

Prayer room

Prayer room Prayer room


Prayer rooms and wudu equipment is available. Prayer rooms can be separated by gender.
When you would like to use the Prayer room, please contact the information desk for more details.

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Kids' House



This facility is equipped with nursing rooms, kids' restrooms, and a facility for preparing formula. It can be enjoyed with peace of mind by families with small children.

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Kids' Room



Small children can have a blast here! To play, they must be accompanied by a guardian.

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First-Aid Station

Guests who feel poorly or injured can rest here. To use, please ask a staff member.


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Baby Strollers

Baby strollers may be used by children up to two years of age. Please let a staff member know if the baby stroller has become dirty or damaged. Make sure to return baby strollers to their original location after usage.

* Baby strollers can only be used in the Park.


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The Park is a wheelchair-accessible facility so it can be enjoyed by people with physical disabilities and elderly persons. Wheelchairs can be borrowed at no cost.
Please let a staff member know if the wheelchair has become dirty or damaged. Make sure to return wheelchairs to their original location after usage.

* When using a wheelchair to the parking area, make sure to return it to its original location.


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Binoculars allow you to fully view exhibits down to the details. It's so much fun to take two or three hours for a leisurely visit. Binoculars allow you to view the detailed reliefs and sculptures, and are perfect while listening to the audio guide.

One pair of binoculars100 yen

* Available to rent at the Information Desk.


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Audio Guide

The audio guide system provides information on the 102 exhibits in the Park. It's an easy way to learn about the stories behind exhibit production, historical episodes related to the exhibits, and information that couldn't fit in the pamphlet. Guides are available at the Information Desk in the Park, next to the entrance.

One audio guide500 yen

* Available to rent at the Information Desk.


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Tripods are convenient but can be difficult to carry around, so we recommend renting one. They're the perfect way to take photographs of your entire party, for many commemorative photographs with family members, friends, or that special someone. A tripod is also essential for photographing the lights and for non-blurry night shots. Why not try taking photographs of a higher level?

One tripod300 yen


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Pet Strollers

Pet stroller (one)200 yen

* Available to rent at the Information Desk.
* For dogs that weigh 10 kilograms or less.

Please keep your pets inside pet strollers or cages when inside the Park. You cannot bring in pets that are leashed or held in your arms. No pets are allowed inside the Historium Theater, shops, or restaurants. (Does not apply to seeing eye dogs, hearing assistance dogs, or service dogs)


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Coin-operated Lockers

Coin-operated lockers are available in the Welcome Square, to the left and right directly past the entrance gate. There are medium lockers as well as large lockers that can fit suitcases.

Medium400 yen
Large600 yen


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