• Inquiries and Reservations

Inquiries and Reservations

General Reservation Center

Only Japanese available : 0288-77-1055 (direct) E-mail address for inqires : info@tobuws.co.jp

Questions About the Park

How long does it take to view the Park?
From 1.5 to two hours.
Are the exhibit areas inside or outside?
All of the exhibit areas are outside.
Can I leave and re-enter the Park?
You can re-enter the Park on the same day. Please speak to a staff member at the entrance gate.

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Questions About Facilities, Hours, Etc.

Is there a currency exchange counter or ATM in the Park?
No, there are no currency exchange counters or ATMs.
Can I rent an umbrella?
Umbrellas are not available for rental. They are sold for 350 yen.
Can I bring food in?
Food cannot be brought into the Park. It can be eaten at the Picnic Ground next to the parking area.
Are there any regular holidays?
No, the Park is open every day.
Can I bring my pet with me?
Yes, if you keep your pets inside pet strollers or cages when inside the park. No pets are allowed inside the shops and restaurants.  
Are there any coin-operated lockers?
There are medium lockers and large lockers that fit suitcases.
Can I rent a wheelchair?
Transport chairs can be borrowed for free.

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Questions About Prices

Is there a senior discount?
No senior discount is available.
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept JCB, Visa, UC, DC, Diners, UnionPay, and Tobu Cards.
Can I use PASMO?
Yes, you can.

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Questions About Exhibits

Are there any rides?
No, there are no rides.

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Other Questions

Do I need a reservation for the guided tour?
Reservations are not required. Please assemble at the meeting point before the tour starts.
Do you take group reservations?
Yes, please telephone 0288-77-1055 to apply.

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Visiting the Park

  • Guests With Pets
  • Guests with Small Children
  • Guests with Physical Disabilities
  • Dining in the Park

List of Park Facilities

Inquiries and Reservations

General Reservation Center TEL:0288-77-1055(direct) Email:info@tobuws.co.jp

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